“No dusty Bibles” is a phrase I overheard my wife exclaim to our kids one morning. I’m not exactly sure of the full context of what they were doing when she said it, but I instantly understood the meaning behind it. You see, the only things that accumulate dust in our house are those things that are static – they never move and they always remain in the same state. Things like our piano, tables, and television. The idea behind the phrase “no dusty Bibles” is that we want our entire family to be so engaged with our Bibles that they never sit around long enough to get dusty.

This blog is intended to be a journal that captures my thoughts as I do my part to keep my Bible dust-free. My hope is that, as I work through my personal Bible reading plan, I will capture the things that are impressed upon my heart and mind. I must warn you, these thoughts will not be edited and will be offered in their raw, unfiltered form. Oftentimes, after having the opportunity to think and pray on these things throughout the day, my sentiments captured in the morning do not necessarily reconcile with my thinking at the end of the day. But rarely (ok, let’s be honest – never) do I return to update my blog posts to reflect my more refined thoughts. Sorry. I’m not writing this to impress anyone with my writing skills or my exegetical or hermeneutical prowess. It’s simply a personal spiritual discipline that I’m trying to keep up.

Also, I am not a scholar, academic, or theologian (at least not in the formal sense). I am just a sojourner who enjoys spending time with the living Word of God and increasing in my knowledge and devotion of Him through the regular reading and study of the Bible.

I appreciate any comments on my posts – whether to encourage, rebuke, exhort or to correct. I’m humbled that you would take the time to stop by and read this. Blessings to you.